PRIVATE LIVES by Noel Coward

Directed by Marko Hohlbein

White Rock Players’ Club
Needed 2 men 3 women 25 to 35

British accents needed. Coach will be provided
Monday Feb 1st 7 – 8:30
Location: Coast Capital Playhouse.

Run dates – April 13 – 30
Sides will be available at audition. Please also have a prepared monologue.

PRIVATE LIVES demonstrates all the quick wit audiences have come to expect from Cowards work, while exploring a portrait of love in a particular savage light.
As ex-lover’s Amanda Prynne and Elyot Chase find themselves both honeymooning with her new spouses at the same hotel in France, Old resentments quickly fan the fires of an old flame. Always lively, Coward’s script is filled to the brim with clever barbs and witty retort as Amanda and Elyot bounce back and forth between the state of passionate infatuation and ferocious hostility. Caught in the path are their current spouses, a bubbly young bride named Sibyl and an aging old louse named Victor, who do their best to hold their own against Amanda and Elyot’s  inescapable squabbles.

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