Upcoming Auditions

Leading Ladies

By Ken Ludwig


Directed by Helen Embury

Parts available for 5 men (20-60) & 3 women (20-60)
Performance dates: June 14th  – July 1st
Cold Reading from the script.
Please email Gordon at Please indicate the part you are interested in and we will contact you with an approximate audition time. Auditions will be from 1 to 5 on Sunday, January 22nd. A pdf of the script is available.
Coast Capital Playhouse, 1532 Johnston Rd White Rock, BC


In this uproarious comedy by the author of Lend Me A Tenor and Moon Over Buffalo, two English Shakespearean actors, Jack and Leo, find themselves so down on their luck that they are performing Scenes from Shakespeare on the Moose Lodge circuit in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. When they hear that an old lady in York, PA is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long-lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved relatives and get the cash. Romantic entanglements abound and hilarity ensues.


All ages are approximate and will depend on audition turn-out. Only importance is that Florence is old and Doc is old enough to be Butch’s father.

Leo – early 40’s, English actor. Still dreams big of making it as an actor. Has the bright idea that he and Jack will pretend to be Florence’s long-lost relatives and inherit her money.
Jack – also early 40’s English actor, but ready to settle down. Has had enough of the actor life and Leo’s plans for him.
Meg – a local girl in her early 30’s, engaged to Duncan. She’s vivacious with enormous warmth and a great sense of humour. She also has the fresh, unstudied beauty that most women would kill for. She knows there’s a big world outside York, PA., but hasn’t seen much of it yet. She harbours a world of dreams and sleeps on them every night. They keep her alive, but she doesn’t know it.
Duncan – the local minister and substantially older than Meg. He’s a good man at heart, but rather fussy, set in his ways, a bit scatterbrained and lives in his own world.
Audrey – about 20, extremely well-built and extremely sweet and good-natured. She’s a knockout. Roller-skating waitress. Dating Butch.
Florence – Meg’s aunt. Very old, extremely crusty, and her eyesight is terrible. Millionairess on her death bed.
Doc – Chief Moose of the Shrewsbury Moose Lodge. A crusty, likeable curmudgeon, a country doctor who takes no guff from anybody.
Butch – early 20’s, Doc’s son. A little slow on the uptake, but earnest and sincere, with a good heart. He played football in high school. Doc and Butch argue a lot and adore each other.