Becoming a Member

Welcome to the White Rock Players’ Club!

If you’d like to be a member, please contact the box office

Here’s a summary of the benefits and responsibilities of being a member.

Member benefits:  You can –

  • Work on a Club production as an actor or member of the production team
  • Vote on Club business at the General Meetings
  • Vote to elect the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting
  • Stand as a candidate for the Board of Directors
  • Attend Club-sponsored workshops at no or reduced cost
  • Attend members-only events such as parties, BBQs, movie nights (usually no charge)
  • Attend the opening Weds or Thurs of any Club show (except Panto) at no charge, space permitting
  • Earn comps for White Rock Players’ club productions (comp distribution is decided by the producer and the board)
  • Receive a discount at the concession during the run of any Club show, for which you are credited in the program as a volunteer 

Member responsibilities:  We’d like you to –

  • Actively participate in the Club by volunteering time and skills, to whatever extent you can do so
  • Vote on Club business
  • Vote to elect the Board of Directors
  • Actively promote the Club to others

If you’re interested in joining the Club, download a copy of our membership form below.

Download Membership Form