Past Productions

1944 The Passing of the Third Floor Back Herbert Hindson
Tilly of Bloomsbury Herbert Hindson
1945 The Thirteenth Chair Herbert Hindson
1946 King For A Day Eric Dibb
George and Margaret Alex Goheen
1947 The Campbells Are Coming Alex Goheen
1948 Twin Beds Gary Splitt
1949 Ladies Of The Jury Franklin Johnson
My Sister Eileen Franklin Johnson
1950 Outward Bound Franklin Johnson
The Lovely Miracle Franklin Johnson
The Late Mrs. Cordell Franklin Johnson
Papa Never Done Nothing – Much Franklin Johnson
Mrs. Fothergill Joins The Angels Franklin Johnson
Arsenic And Old Lace Franklin Johnson
Tons Of Money Franklin Johnson
Ten Little Indians Franklin Johnson
1951 Love Rides The Rails Franklin Johnson
Outward Bound Pauline Ettinger
Suspect Franklin Johnson
The Man Who Came To Dinner Franklin Johnson
Blithe Spirit Franklin Johnson
Father Of The Bride Franklin Johnson
John Ferguson Franklin Johnson
1952 Miranda Franklin Johnson
The Kind Lady Franklin Johnson
The Boor J.P. Mitchell
See How They Run Franklin Johnson
Only An Orphan Girl Franklin Johnson
Hospital Hijinks Franklin Johnson
A Christmas Frolic Una Lilwall
1953 Olympia Franklin Johnson
You Can’t Take It With You Franklin Johnson
Night Must Fall Franklin Johnson
Twin Beds Franklin Johnson
A Quiet Weekend Franklin Johnson
1954 The Women Franklin Johnson
The Play’s The Thing Franklin Johnson
Jane Franklin Johnson
Spreading The News Franklin Johnson
The Boor Franklin Johnson
Hands Across The Sea Franklin Johnson
Jane Franklin Johnson
Gaslight Franklin Johnson
Babes In The Woods Franklin Johnson
1955 My Three Angels Franklin Johnson
Daughters Of The Sea Franklin Johnson
The Rose And The Crown Brian Lane
The Shewing Up Of Blanco Posnet Brian Lane
Mr. Pim Passes By Brian Lane
Petticoat Fever Franklin Johnson
Androcles And The Lion Franklin Johnson
Aladdin Franklin Johnson
1956 The Curious Savage Franklin Johnson
To Dorothy A Son Brian Lane
Family Album Franklin Johnson
Curse You Jack Dalton Brian Lane
From Five To Five Thirty Brian Lane
Puss In Boots Franklin Johnson
1957 The House Of Bernardino Alba Franklin Johnson
Room Service Franklin Johnson
The Devil And Daniel Webster Franklin Johnson
Here We Come Gathering Franklin Johnson
Nina Franklin Johnson
Our Town Franklin Johnson
Bluebeard Franklin Johnson
1958 Playboy Of The Western World Franklin Johnson
The Jackdaw Franklin Johnson
April Dawn Dennis Meade
The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker Franklin Johnson
Dark Of The Moon Franklin Johnson
1960 Teahouse Of The August Moon Franklin Johnson
The Play’s The Thing Franklin Johnson
The Hasty Heart Franklin Johnson
George Washington Slept Here Brian Lane
Cinderella Franklin Johnson
1961 Auntie Mame Franklin Johnson
The Crucible Franklin Johnson
The Reluctant Debutante Tom Kerr
Mr. Roberts Franklin Johnson
Robinson Crusoe Franklin Johnson
1962 The Merchant Of Venice Antony Holland
Ladies In Retirement Franklin Johnson
Blue Denim Franklin Johnson
Aladdin Franklin Johnson
1963 The Amorous Prawn Franklin Johnson
The Apprentice Clown Franklin Johnson
A Step In The Hollow Franklin Johnson
Our Town Franklin Johnson
Jack and the Beanstalk Franklin Johnson
1964 Strange Bedfellows Franklin Johnson
Love Rides The Rails Franklin Johnson
Dark Of The Moon Franklin Johnson
Babes In The Woods Franklin Johnson
1965 Teach Me How To Cry Brian Lane
Professor Taranne Franklin Johnson
The Emperor’s New Clothes Franklin Johnson
1966 The Women Franklin Johnson
Riders To The Sea Barbara Carlin
The Death And Life Of Sneaky Fitch Franklin Johnson
Free As Air Robin Lake
Sleeping Beauty Brian Lane
1967 Sight Unseen Phil Ellerbeck
Spring Will Come Barbara Carlin
The Hundred And First Bill Hagan
Riders To The Sea Barbara Carlin
Only An Orphan Girl Franklin Johnson
I Remember Mama Barbara Carlin
Pinnochio Ed Carlin
1968 Blood Wedding Barbara Carlin
Barefoot In The Park Franklin Johnson
Just Add Laughter And Stir Wayne Draper
Cinderella Franklin Johnson
1969 An Italian Straw Hat Franklin Johnson
The Odd Couple Brian Lane
Camel With Wrinkled Knees Barbara Carlin
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Barbara Carlin
Snow White Ed Carlin
1970 Thieves’ Carnival Brian Lane
Clear View Of An Irish Mist Franklin Johnson
If Men Played Cards Like Women Do Franklin Johnson
Amor de Cosmos Comes to Town * unknown
Little Women Carol Kennedy
A Thousand Clowns Paul Murphy
Sinbad the Sailor Brian Lane
1971 The Grand Chams Diamond Stephanie Long
Zoo Story John Brighton
The Invisible Worm Carol Kennedy
Bring It Up Again * unknown
Arsenic And Old Lace Carol Kennedy
Red Riding Hood Ed Carlin
1972 The Man Who Came To Dinner Franklin Johnson
Of Poems And Spring Don Snook
Mr. Sampson Jim Mattson
Two Gentlemen Of Soho Bill O’Hagan
Sweeney Todd Franklin Johnson
Never Too Late John B. Scott
Robinson Crusoe Franklin Johnson
1973 Enter A Free Man Bill O’Hagan
The Effect of Gamma Rays on
Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds Franklin Johnson
The Glass Menagerie Barbara Carlin
Here Lies Jeremie Troy John B. Scott
Hansel And Gretel Franklin Johnson
1974 The Matchmaker Brian Lane
Spreading The News Bryce Babcock
The Form John B. Scott
The Lesson John Brighton
Spreading The News Bryce Babcock
The Drunkard Franklin Johnson
Romanoff And Juliet John Brighton
Puss In Boots Franklin Johnson
1975 Our Hearts Were Young And Gay Gwyneth Harvey
Theme From Anastasia Heidi Bumann
The Licence Dave Cursons
You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Kim Butchart
See How They Run Franklin Johnson
The Clown That Wouldn’t Clown Heidi Bumann
Plaza Suite Carol Kennedy
Jack and the Beanstalk Franklin Johnson
1976 The Man In The Dog Suit Gwyneth Harvey
The Dunmow Flitch Franklin Johnson
The Mousetrap Royce Hill
The Apple Tree Royce Hill
The Emperor’s New Clothes Carol Kennedy
1977 Dial M For Murder Gwyneth Harvey
You Can’t Take It With You Franklin Johnson/Guy Forman
Luv Gwyneth Harvey
Any Wednesday Carol Kennedy
Aladdin Franklin Johnson
1978 The Rattle Of A Simple Man Scott Wheeler
Of The Fields Lately Wyckham Porteous
Like Father Like Fun Franklin Johnson
Ten Little Indians John Peter MacKenzie
Pretzels Scott Wheeler
Babes In The Woods Guy Forman
1979 Butterflies Are Free Franklin Johnson
6 rms riv vw John Peter MacKenzie
Of Mice And Men Irene N. Watts
Angel Street Mary Veats
Don’t Drink The Water Franklin Johnson
Dick Whittington Carol Kennedy
1980 On The Street Where You Live Scott Wheeler
Death Of A Salesman Irene N. Watts
Bell, Book And Candle Ian Rankine
The Little Hut Scott Wheeler
Cinderella Franklin Johnson
1981 Laura Robin Rankine
The Diary Of Anne Frank Scott Wheeler
Bus Stop Ian Rankine
Boeing Boeing Vicki Watts
Robinson Crusoe John Peter MacKenzie
1982 Fallen Angels Scott Wheeler
A Cry Of Players Irene N. Watts / Ian Rankine
Blue Champagne Robin Rankine
On Golden Pond Irene N. Watts
Boy Blue Franklin Johnson
1983 Rebecca Scott Wheeler
Come Back Little Sheba Franklin Johnson
Marriage Go Round Shelagh Shermann
Dracula Scott Wheeler
The Emperor’s New Clothes Carol Kennedy
1984 Ninotchka Shelagh Shermann
When The Lights Go On Again Scott Wheeler
Chapter Two Susanne McLellan
Wisdom Of Eve Scott Wheeler
The Dancing Princess Franklin Johnson
1985 Bad Seed Irene N. Watts
Teahouse Of The August Moon Franklin Johnson
Poor Richard Paddy MacIntee
When The Lights Go On Again Scott Wheeler
Robin Hood Scott Wheeler
1986 Lion In Winter Paddy MacIntee
Dangerous Corner Shelagh Shermann
Love Rides The Rails Franklin Johnson
My Three Angels Scott Wheeler
Aladdin Franklin Johnson
1987 I Never Sang For My Father Ian Rankine
Mr Winkler’s Birthday Party John B. Scott
Hobson’s Choice Paddy MacIntee
Miranda Susanne McLellan
84 Charing Cross Road Scott Wheeler
Babes In The Woods Franklin Johnson
1988 Murder Is Announced Lee Taylor
The Corn Is Green Irene N. Watts
Lover’s Leap John B. Scott
They’re Playing Our Song Irene N. Watts
Dick Whittington Marc Bourrel
1989 A Trip To Bountiful Franklin Johnson
Octette Bridge Club Scott Wheeler
Squabbles John B. Scott
Life With Father Shelagh Shermann
Jack and the Beanstalk Marc Bourrel
1990 A Month Of Sundays Lee Taylor
Tonight At Eight Scott Wheeler
Having A Wonderful Time… John B. Scott
Fox Fire Irene N. Watts
Robinson Crusoe Marc Bourrel
1991 Cold Storage Scott Wheeler
Nurse Jane Goes To Hawaii Marlet Magnusson
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night Marc Bourrel
Alone Together Marlet Magnusson
Night Must Fall Marc Bourrel
Snow White John B. Scott
1992 Tomorrow Box Pat Etheridge
Romantic Comedy Susanne McLellan
Sweeney Todd Scott Wheeler
Night of January 16th Howard Partridge
Sinbad Michael Bugera
1993 Heaven Can Wait John B. Scott
The Nerd Dean Gibson
Arsenic And Old Lace Brian Lane
Cinderella Marc Bourrel
1994 Night Of The Iguana Irene N. Watts
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight Ken Morton
Robin Hood Scott Wheeler
1995 Educating Rita Gary Saunders
What I Did Last Summer David L. Austin
Loot Ken Morton
Rapunzel Carol Kennedy
1996 Barefoot In The Park Ellie King
The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch John B. Scott
Dead Serious Doug Greenall
Mouse Trap Marc Bourrel
Sleeping Beauty Brian Lane
1997 Steel Magnolias Scott Wheeler
The Foreigner Mike Kennedy
Jacques Plante & the Parkdale Knitting League Ken Morton
Gossip Paul Mosher
Death Trap Marc Bourrel
Mother Goose Scott Wheeler
1998 Lie, Cheat and Genuflect John B. Scott
The Dresser Ken Morton
Don’t Dress For Dinner David Lloyd Austin
Only an Orphan Girl Marlet Magnusson
Straight and Narrow Ken Morton
Alakazam Scott Wheeler
1999 The Woman in Black Ken Morton
Once In A Lifetime Scott Wheeler
The Black Bonspiel of Wullie McCrimmon Marc Bourrel
Bloodline Marlet Magnusson
Fatal Attraction Ken Morton
Dick Whittington Marc Bourrel
2000 Stage Struck Colleen McGoff-Dean
Follies of a Summer Night Scott Wheeler
You Say Tomatoes Ken Morton
Speed-the-Plow Dave Baron
All About Eve Scott Wheeler
Cinderella Marc Bourrel
2001 Tribute Ken Morton
Maltese Falcon Scott Wheeler
Whodunnit Marlet Magnusson
Daisy Pulls It Off Scott Wheeler
Dracula Scott Wheeler
A Sword in the Stone Scott Wheeler
2002 Psychopathia Sexualis Dave Baron
The Great Gatsby Scott Wheeler
Talent For Murder Ken Morton
Catholic School Girls Scott Wheeler
Dinner With an Idiot Scott Wheeler
The Princess and the Dragon Michael Roberds
2003 Talley’s Folly Dave Baron
The Wild Party Scott Wheeler
An Inspector Calls Ken Morton
Psycho Beach Party Scott Wheeler
Who’s on First? Dave Baron
The Three Musketeers Scott Wheeler
2004 Wait Until Dark Ken Morton
Husbands and Wives Scott Wheeler
Fanny From Frisco Marlet Magnusson
A Girl’s Guide To Chaos Scott Wheeler
Murder by the Book Ken Morton
Babes In The Woods Scott Wheeler
2005 Silly Cow Dave Baron
Casablanca Scott Wheeler
Bathroom Humor Kate Bethell
Mummy Dearest Scott Wheeler
2006 Murder Takes The Stage Ken Morton
The Gin Game Marlet Magnusson
When The Lights Go On Again Gordon Mantle
The Motor Trade Dave Baron
Communicating Doors Randy Holmes
The Emperor’s New Clothes Marlet Magnusson
2007 Lips Together, Teeth Apart Dave Baron
Madonna Dale Kelly
Lettice & Lovage Ken Morton
Ha! Marc Bourrel
The Dawn Patrol Dave Baron
Aladdin Marlet Magnusson
2008 Cemetery Club Jacqollyne Keath
Dead Ringer John Hedgecock
Office Hours Dale Kelly
The Passion of Dracula David Lloyd Austin
Puss In Boots Susanne de Pencier
2009 Twentieth Century Paul Kloegman
Safe Dave Baron
Dearly Departed Dale Kelly
The Murder Room Ken Fynn
Snow White Susanne de Pencier
2010 Bedtime Stories Dave Baron
Humble Boy Paul Kloegman
The Stepmother Alan White
Dead Man’s Cell Phone Dave Carroll
Robinson Crusoe Katherine Bethell
2011 Earth and Sky Dale Kelly
Ladies of the Camellias Paul Kloegman
The Cat’s Meow Shelagh Shermann
Accomplice David Lloyd Austin
2012 Drinking Alone Susanne de Pencier
The Lion In Winter Dale Kelly
Lend Me a Tenor Ryan Mooner
Who Walks in the Dark Paul Kloegman
Pinocchio Susanne de Pencier
2013 The Good Game Lisa Pavillionis
Fools Ryan Mooney
Ten Little Indians Dale Kelly
The Crucible Ryan Mooney
Rumpelstiltskin Susanne de Pencier
2014 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Ryan Mooney
Moonlight and Magnolias Ryan Mooney
Barefoot in the Park Marko Hohlbein