January Audition Notice - Present Laughter

The White Rock Players’ Club is excited to announce auditions for Present Laughter!

Audition dates are Sunday, January 6 and Monday, January 7 , 7-9 PM at the Coast Capital Playhouse (1532 Johnston Road, White Rock)

April 3rd to 20th, Wednesday to Saturday, with Sunday matinees on April 7th and 14th.

Open call audition. Please be prepared to wait if need be. Bring a resume and photo if you have them. Seeking: 6 women and 5 men between the ages of 18 to 75. Upper and lower Class British Accents required. One female role with Swedish accent.

Rehearsals will begin in late January or early February and will be on two week nights and part of one weekend day or evening each week, with a couple of extra rehearsals right before opening. Days to be determined once the cast is in place.  This is a Non-Equity production. If you require more information email with Present Laughter Auditions in the subject line.

Director: Susanne de Pencier


Garry Essendine (Lead): A well known light comedy theatrical actor, Essendine pretty much “acts” even when he is off the stage. He is vain, yet likeable, always a bit over the top and dramatic. He finds himself the object of pursuit of many women and he likes it. He is about 45 to 50, but never admits to it. Upper Class British Accent – Age range late 30’s  to 55 (to play around 40 to 50 ish)

Monica Reed (Lead): Essendine’s secretary, she has been with him for 17 years and has seen it all. Nothing about Essendine really surprises her anymore. She is very fond of her boss, they have a very relaxed relationship. She has a dry sense of humour, and is extremely efficient handling Essendine’s appointments. She is not above putting him in his place when required. Upper Class British Accent – Age range 30’s to 50’s (to play between 37 to 55 ish)

Liz Essendine (Lead): Essendine’s ex-wife. She is elegant and poised, and very aware of who and what her ex husband is like, but she still loves him. She is still a big part of his life, and she and Monica Reed are on good terms as they both understand the ego that is Essendine that they both deal with. Upper Class British Accent – Age range 30 to 45 (to play mid to late 30′ mid 40’s)

Daphne Stillington (Lead): A dewy eyed, rather innocent and very attractive young wanna be actress who thinks she is in love with Essendine. She contrives to spend the night with him, only to sleep in the guestroom, then professes her love to him when they meet in the living room in the morning. She unexpectedly shows up for an audition with Essendine, and pretends they have never met so as not to shock her aunt. Upper Class British Accent. Age Range 18 to 30 (to play 21 to 25)

Roland Maule (Supporting): A nervous, earnest young man who has written a play, which he sent to Essendine to read. When he arrives for the critique, he is subdued, but becomes wildly crazy when Essendine tells him the play is not very good. After building to an almost manic display of emotion he leaves, only to return later in the play to announce to Essendine that he is coming to Africa with him. British Accent – Age Range early 20’s to early 30’s (to play around 25 to 30)

Fred (Supporting): Essendine’s Valet/Butler, he has seen everything in his years of service to Essendine, nothing really surprises him. Cheerful and efficient he has a relaxed relationship with his boss. Lower Class British Accent/Cockney: Age range anywhere from 30 to 55.

Miss Erickson (Supporting): Essendine’s Swedish Cook/Housekeeper. She is unfazed by the comings and goings in Essendine’s household. She is a bit of a character, on the dowdy side, and rather dry in her delivery of speech. This character ALWAYS has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. It may not necessarily always be lit, but it’s always there. Actresses must be willing to use at least herbal or theatrical cigarettes. Swedish Accent. Age range could be anything from 35 to 70.

Hugo Lyppiatt (Supporting): A dapper theatrical producer, he is married to Joanna. When he finds out his wife had a fling with Essendine, he is understandably upset. Upper Class British Accent – Age Range late 30’s to 50 ish.

Joanna Lyppiatt (Supporting): A gorgeous, vain and promiscuous socialite, she is married to Hugo, but has no problem sharing her charms with other men. A femme fatale, she seduces Essendine, without much trouble and then shocks the unshockable Monica when she encounters her the morning after. Upper Class British Accent. Age range 25 to late 30’s (to play early to mid 30’s)

Morris Dixon (Supporting): Essendine’s manager, he is suspected of having an affair with Joanna, which of course he denies. He and Hugo have been dealing with Essendine’s ego for years, and eventually they all argue about a booking Morris and Hugo have made that Essendine considers unsuitable. Upper Class British Accent: Age range 35 to 50 ish

Lady Saltburn (Second Act Cameo): A patron of the arts, Lady Saltburn made a large contribution to  the Footlights Fund in order to secure an audition with Essendine for her niece, who turns out to be Daphne Stillington. She arrives at Essendine’s flat with Daphne in tow for the audition. Lady Saltburn is  very primp and proper,  definitely a lady of the manor type, and Daphne pretends she has never met Essendine so as not to shock her. Upper Class British Accent. Age range late 40’s to 80.