Flamenco del Mar Presents: Fairy of the Night and Still

About the show

“Fairy of the Night and Still,” was written in Spain (Jerez de la Frontera), while studying flamenco.  Upon return to Canada, Jill tucked the story away and forgot about it.  Many years later she unearthed it, when preparing to move.  Like meeting an old friend again, Jill reacquainted herself with FONTAS and enjoyed the process of reviving and revising the manuscript.  In her third draft, she asked those around her to take a read.  She hired an editor and then two illustrators – one for the book cover and the other for the interior.  After final edit, and when it was ‘stage’ ready, she published it.  Now she’s bringing it to the stage!

“Fairy of the Night and Still,” is suitable for all ages and is available for purchase in print book and ebook format.  In December 2018, this story will be available in audio (ADX/Amazon).

Reading tempo:  Optimum reading speed is slow to medium.  Act out the characters.


A little girl has a dream in which she meets the Fairy of the Night and Still.
She embarks on a whimsical adventure and travels to the mythical land of Orient-R, where everything is topsy-turvy and exotic birds fly hurly-burly.
Will she return home safely after an encounter with a mischievous raven?

‘Fairy of the Night and Still’ is a poetic story that will delight all ages.

Beautiful dances bring this tale to life at the White Rock Playhouse on Friday, January 4th at 7:30 pm.

Sweet dreams…


Dates are: Friday, January 4