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A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

In the moors of Devon, in the West of England, festers the legend of the Hound: a tale of a monstrous dog that terrorizes the countryside.


When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead outside his home, it wasn’t his convulsed features that raised suspicions that something foul was at play. It was the footprints found near his body—not of a man, not of a woman, but of a gigantic hound.


It seems the legendary hound of the Baskervilles might be something more than a local superstition and there’s only one man who can solve the case: Sherlock Holmes, accompanied by his trusted companion, Dr. Watson, of course.


Who was Sir Charles secretly meeting the night he died? What did he see that sent him running for his life away from the safety of the house? And is there a real giant hellhound prowling the moors of Devon? Holmes and Watson will have to race against time to solve the mystery before the newest heir of the manor, Sir Henry, becomes the next Baskerville to be taken by this curse.


Written by Ken Ludwig, the playwright who brought us Lend Me a Tenor, Leading Ladies and The Game is Afoot; Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a fun, fast-paced adventure that takes everyone’s favourite detective from London to the Devonshire countryside to solve the mystery.


Directed by Thomas Gage, the show stars WRPC regular & club Artistic Director, Fred Partridge, as the affable Watson and newcomer Tina Teeninga as Sherlock Holmes, with Katherine Morris, Scott Campbell and Bryce Mills as the actors who bring the rest of the story to life by portraying over 40 characters!


“This is a play about joy,” says director Thomas Gage. “It’s the joy of storytelling, the fun that we have when we play and use our imagination to bring worlds to life. That’s what theatre is all about, at its core and this play revels in that playfulness.” 

A Community Theatre Production by White Rock Players' Club.

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Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery runs:


September 29th to October 16, 2022


$20 Preview September 29th | 8pm

Thursday to Saturday evenings | 8pm
Sunday matinees | 2:30pm

A murderously, fun adventure!



Volunteers. That's right. Every. One. We have the best, most talented people working very hard to bring Baskerville to the stage.



Thomas Gage

Adrian Shaffer.jpg

Assistant Director

Adrian Shaffer

Rebekah MacEwan.jpg


Rebekah MacEwan


Stage Manager

Grace Hight

Patty Keeler.JPG

Assistant Stage Manager

Patty Keeler

Laura McKenzie.png


Laura McKenzie

Tim Driscoll.png

Set Design & Construction

Tim Driscoll

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